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Massage du dos


Pre and post birth sessions can also be arranged privately. We recommend 5 sessions to prepare for the arrival of your baby (if possible an appointment with each physiotherapist).


Only the first session must be booked as an individual session. 

During this first contact, we will fill out a file for the follow-up of your pregnancy. The theme of this session will be “how to stay in shape during pregnancy”. This will be an opportunity to answer your questions and advise you on how to stay in shape until the birth of your baby. We will also explain to you how our practice works.


The following four sessions will cover different themes:

  • The pelvis and the perineum

  • The different working positions 

  • Breathing and relaxation


The appointment for the last session will ideally be taken between two or three weeks before the delivery. The theme of this session is “the role of the partner during birth”.

We also offer other treatments:

Massage crânien


This is a massage therapy technique that helps your organism return to its full capacities. It can be performed both on adults and children.

Delphine Reuliaux

Pieds minuscules


Some babies are born with a slightly asymmetrical head shape. If this poor positioning does not resolve by itself, your pediatrician will recommend some physiotherapy sessions.

We will also answer all the questions you may have regarding your child's development.

Delphine Reuliaux et Séverine Dusoleil



We offer various kinds of massages:

  • Relieving hip, back, shoulder & neck joint pain

  • Relieving heavy legs

  • Wellness massage


Delphine Reuliaux, Séverine Dusoleil

Table de massage


Reducing cellulite and orange peel appearance, improving skin tone, scars treatment. See more information.

Séverine Dusoleil

Birthing Centre


It aims at treating:

  • Urinary incontinence: stress incontinence (coughing, exercise, laughing, etc.) or urge incontinence (inability to hold when the need to urinate arises).

  • Bowel incontinence: inability to control the passage of stool and/or wind. Constipation, perineal pain, pain during sexual intercourse.

The treatment consists in muscular re-education in the hip region.


Carole Goldberg

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